SOL Day 1 – 2019

Since venturing into building guitars, I’ve been looking at everything in my neighborhood (well the wood, anyways) with possibility: that could be a guitar body. The other night, I successfully pulled a piece of mahogany that had once been a fireplace mantle out from a bin a few streets over while I was out walking my dogs. Inevitably, a neighbor is renovating, tearing out the old, sometimes right down to the bricks and foundation.

I’ve got one guitar behind me so far. It was a few weekends of cutting, drilling, sanding, dying, and polishing. I created extra work through my mistakes, and I know where they all live in my guitar, though they are only cosmetic. The guitar sings.

I spent an hour this evening turning the mahogany fireplace mantle into a guitar body. The drone from my tools cut off my Spotify playlist intermittently. “American pills will wreck ‘n kill … automatic weapon …  twitching … 50-foot wall of addiction, man do you, do you …” I work in my basement between our laundry machines and the door to the long and narrow strip of backyard. A layer of red sawdust built up over the white tiles and my feet in my Birkenstocks as I routed the cavities and removed layers of wood.

I coughed for nearly ten minutes when I finished, red dust and phlegm. A hot shower got the last specks out of my beard and a cold beer helped my dry throat along. Now I can hardly see the line where the two piece of wood are joined in the middle.


Benjamin Doxtdator, Brussels, Belgium



6 thoughts on “SOL Day 1 – 2019

  1. Welcome to slicing! What a cool way to look at all the wood that is around you – with the possibility of it being a guitar! It’s much like writing – everything you see or hear is possibility for a piece of writing! Thanks so much for sharing! The guitar is cool!


  2. I really love the way your captured the moment. These lines especially sing for me: “I created extra work through my mistakes, and I know where they all live in my guitar, though they are only cosmetic. The guitar sings.”


  3. Hey Benjamin! So glad you are participating in SOL this year! This is a very cool post, and love the work you’ve accomplished. Look forward to reading more from you this month; I always enjoy your posts!


  4. Beautiful. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I saw a video on how Martin Guitar company makes their guitars. A great deal of time and love goes into making an instrument. I am a string bass player in a former life. I am always amazed at the bends and curves of the wood.


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